Analysis of car ignition coil failure_Customer evaluation

by:Haiyan     2022-06-25

1. Under the idling state, the body shakes obviously. Observing the exhaust pipe opening, the exhaust gas flow from the car has obvious intermittent, and at the same time, the exhaust pipe vibrates greatly, and the 'sudden' sound can be clearly heard.
Second, during driving, when the speed is below 2500 rpm, the body shakes obviously, and the acceleration is weak; when the speed exceeds 2500 rpm, the jitter disappears.
Third, open the engine cover, observe the running engine, and find that the engine has obvious vibration. This kind of jitter obviously does not belong to the jitter in the normal working state of the engine, and the jitter amplitude is very large.
For a car with a four-cylinder ignition system, if only one ignition coil fails, the other three cylinders work normally, and reluctant emergency driving is not a problem, but the engine, frame and connecting parts of the car are very important. unfavorable. If the ignition coil of more than one cylinder is burned out, it is recommended to stop driving immediately.
Driving a vehicle that lacks cylinders due to a faulty ignition coil is very detrimental to driving safety. On the uphill section, especially the road section that needs to 'start from the slopeIf you really have to move the vehicle, you should try to keep the speed above 2500 rpm as much as possible.
Also, before replacing the ignition coil, the user must carefully check the spark plug, high-voltage line, power supply voltage, and whether the contact is good to ensure the normal use of the ignition coil. If the phenomenon of 'no response after loading' occurs when the ignition coil is installed, it is mainly caused by insufficient contact of the low-voltage plug. Therefore, when replacing the ignition coil, the plug on the car must be reliably inserted into the low-voltage socket of the ignition coil to ensure the reliable connection of the low-voltage connecting piece. If the plug on the car is damaged, there will be more cases of 'no response when loading the car'. At this time, the low-voltage connector should be used for reliable connection.

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